AFTUR is a circular fashion brand founded in Reykjavík in 1999 and is all designed and made in Iceland.

AFTUR has since the beginning justified their place in the fashion industry by being circular. The aim has always been to try to be in harmony with nature in the over-producing world of fashion. 

AFTUR uses before-used textiles to create its unique and timeless pieces. 

AFTUR was founded by the sisters Bára Hólmgeirsdóttir and Hrafnhildur Hólmgeirsdóttir. Hrafnhildur left the company in 2007 and since then Bára remains head designer and sole owner.

AFTUR aims to create beautiful and timeless pieces for its customers to love and enjoy. Each piece is hand crafted and all cut by hand and as a result it is one of a kind. 


“We encourage our customers to rethink the way we buy, wear, and think about fashion. By knowing your style you can slow down on over- consumption and the race to always have the latest trends.”



 “Our vision remains local. We create sustainable production, slow and circular fashion for the good of the environment and humanity.”



AFTUR is proud of leading the way in the circular economy within the fashion industry in Iceland. 

AFTUR was the Icelandic nominee for the Nordic Council Environmental Prize in 2019 and received a special honour from the city of Reykjavík in 2020 for their contribution towards the environment. 

 AFTUR’s clothes has graced exhibitions all over the world and been worn by Icelandic international acclaimed artists like Björk, Sigurrós and Of Monsters And Men - but the vision remains local, sustainable production, slow and circular fashion for the good of the planet and the people.